noun A shop that sells beer, cider, wine and other alcoholic drinks packaged in bottles or cans for consumption elsewhere.
Also: webshop, webstore - a bottleshop that sells its stock on the internet to be delivered to customers who order. a.k.a. online bottleshop

What is this?

Bottleshops.online is the most complete directory of online bottleshops (also known as webshops) that sell beer, cider or mead. We aim to list every bottleshop in the world that offers customers the option to buy beers online and have them delivered to their door. We can show users exactly which bottleshops around the world will ship to their country.

Why was this made?

In European countries, particularly the UK, Belgium and Germany, bottleshops have been taking advantage of the internet for well over a decade, and in recent years there has been an explosion in the number of webshops popping up on the internet - in those countries and many others - offering online ordering and home delivery to customers. This has of course coincided with the rapid rise of craft beer and its ever increasing market share, continually eating away at the industrial multinationals dominance in the industry.

With a plethora of online bottleshops out there, the choice may be overwhelming. We hope that using this directory will help you find shops selling the beers you want to drink. For example, do you love Belgian beer but you're not sure which shops in Belgium will deliver to your country? No problem. We have the answer right here.

How did this all start?

With one man's obsession passion for being lazy and frequently buying beers online. His list of UK webshops that he had discovered grew out of control and eventually became a very large thread on the RateBeer forums. After numerous contributions from members and people from other internet communities, this later expanded to cover most EU countries and quickly became rather cumbersome to maintain. This was the catalyst leading to the creation of Bottleshops.online. It was time we had a dedicated, easily searchable website to contain this wealth of data, which has now expanded worldwide.

Cool. I have more questions.

Great! Check out our FAQs page first as it answers a lot of common questions people have. Still not found your answer? No worries, get in touch with us or hit us up on Twitter.

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