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Hop Shop Aberdeen (Westhill Service Station)

Westhill, Aberdeenshire
Score 4.43 / 5
Beers 400
Online Since 2017


Low-alcohol only
UKCBF Discount
Additional notes
Actually a service station in Aberdeenshire. Gained well-deserved reputation for stocking top quality craft beers so an online shop was launched in 2017 to cope with demand.


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  • United Kingdom

User Reviews


Posted 5th April 2018updated 30th May 2018

Pretty huge range of beers on offer here (~350 at the time of this review). The selection of beers is particularly impressive for what is essentially just a petrol station. Service is incredible. Mere hours after placing my order a staff member added a note to my order apologising for a stock error, adding that they'd refund me for a beer that was out of stock. That was all fine and handled as I'd expect. Upon receiving my beers I found they'd additionally included a free beer for the inconvenience which was completely unexpected. An unnecessary but much appreciated gesture, one that shows they actually care about their customers. To add, the beers were all individually and securely bubble wrapped, with plenty of padding inside the box too. Really cannot fault them anywhere. Finally, their pricing was all in line with what I'd expect, and cheaper than a couple of my more regular online haunts. This is a certainly a shop I'll be ordering from again in the future, and if ever up in Aberdeenshire one I'd pay a visit to for sure. Highly recommended.
Communication has been great on future orders too.
Update: ParcelForce botched a delivery and these guys apologised profusely even though it wasn't their fault, they even used UKMail especially for me on my next order (these are the only 2 courier choices they have in their location).


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